Staff and Thanked Persons

    [BTF]DeathStalker - Project Leader
    -Must be one of the nicest dudes in Quake, and originator of the ideas presented here. He is responsible for scheduling the sessions and organizing the bodies. If you have any questions, contact him, or make a post in the forums.

    [BTF]Jehar - Site Manager, General Dude
    -Everything you see here has to be done by somebody, and Jehar does what he can to keep things running on this end. In addition, he does a periodical  series on the deeper aspects of Quake gameplay. This is highly suggested for everybody to read, as he is a glutton for feedback. Link is directly to your right.

    Quadz - Tastyspleen Pater Familias
    -Thanks always must go out to those that make this all possible. Without the foundation of the Tastyspleen community (and this webspace), we probably wouldn't still be hanging around Quake II.


    DaHanG-Advanced Dueling
    Randypants - TDM Training
    vF.Daemia - Railz Dueling
    Defiant! - FFA, TDM & Dueling
    [2c.Element^] - TDM & Dueling
    DuoKaizane - Advanced TDM & Dueling
    [BTF]X'tyfe-PAK Files

Upcoming Sessions

Third Session: TDM with RandyPants, Friday, Dec 1  at 7:00pm Central / 8:00pm Eastern