Announcement - Personal Training Clinics!

It's been too long since an update... and there's a lot of work backlogged on our part (including two videos of awesome calibre). But there is something new and exciting heading your way...

Personal Training Clinics.

Let me break this down. Say you figure you could really use some one-on-one, over-the-shoulder kind of training. Make a post on the forums, or contact a training director. We'll set up a time just for you, one other trainee, and two trainers. You will be run through at least 4 1v1 rounds on the training server: You and the other trainee, you with each trainer, and the same for the other trainee. The whole time you will be given pointers, observations, and corrections. What better way to get some real focused training?

So there you have it. A new way to vastly improve your game. Just drop us a line.

Session... Five? Tomorrow? Yesss. Jehar  - January 17th, 2007

I can't believe this, but we actually got another right around the corner. I don't care if it's short notice. You all need to leave your lives to the side for a little bit and attend this session. This little idea is growing, and we want YOU to be a part of it. Viva la... training camp. Anyways. 

Details are over on your right.

Session Four: A Wild Success! Jehar  - January 17th, 2007

Wowza. Nothing went according to plan, but it turned out so wonderfully. We ended up doing FFA tactic studies, and Element kept the banter up giving me plenty of material for the next training video. Sadly, I've been delayed due to just laziness on my part. It's coming soon though! It will melt your face! Blah! Just keep your face on...

Session Four is around the corner. Jehar  - December 29th, 2006

That's right, and this one is a No Miss situation. If you are a new player getting accustomed to the game, you must attend this session. It will change your life. Or at least some of your Quaking habits. The tentative data is listed to the right, and the thread in the TastySpleen forums is here. Keep in mind that any attendees stand a good chance at making a cameo in the next Training Video following the session, and will recieve credit for attending. Hope to see you there!

Filefront link for training vid.  Jehar  - December 9th, 2006

Link is up for Filefront access. This will give us some great download speeds for the high-quality video without taxing Quadz's space.

Video is here!  Jehar  - December 5th, 2006

Link to high-quality video, hosted by Tastyspleen. Google video and Youtube stuff coming soon for streaming access. Enjoy!



Training Beta 3... indeed.  Jehar  - December 5th, 2006

Last Friday RandyPants stopped by, along with about five other players (forgive me, I lost the list of participants) and we had a fun bout on dm2 and dm6. Most of the action took place in dm6, where RandyPants covered positions to play in team matches. I have never done positions before, so I got a lot out of this. We also had some fun bathing in the lava, and learning some ways to avoid doing so (lost the demo for this).

In the big news, I threw together a video of the points presented in the session, and uploaded it on a few sites. As soon as they are publically available, I will have it here.

Stay tuned for upcoming events! 

It's coming!  Jehar  - November 8th, 2006

Welcome to the newly opened center for the Quake II Training Camp! We are putting quite a bit of energy into getting this little concept really going. During last nights session, DeathStalker made the comment that nobody had ever done anything like this before, and those were true words. Sure, nothing beats simply grinding through and getting all the experience you can. When it comes down to it, that's what it really takes. But here, we can slow things down for you a little bit. We offer real-time commentary from esteemed players, last night we had DaHang stop by and give some great advice. More than this though, we take maps situation-by-situation. Ask questions, discuss tactics, and more than anything... Learn! 

Among other things, we are working on getting some materials and systems set up to better facilitate the Camp. Included is demo files for each session, synced with all of the voice chat, so you can get the whole lecture\discussion archived. Also keep in mind that we are highly open to suggestions and even aid. 

Upcoming Sessions

Fifth Session: Sound cues with DuoKaizane, January 18th at 8:00pm Central.