Session 3 - TDM with RandyPants 12-1-06 (Q2DM6)

RandyPants stopped by, along with about five other players (forgive me, I lost the list of participants) and we had a fun bout on dm2 and dm6. Most of the action took place in dm6, where RandyPants covered positions to play in team matches. I have never done positions before, so I got a lot out of this. We also had some fun bathing in the lava, and learning some ways to avoid doing so (lost the demo for this).

We would like to see more new students coming into the server, so don't be shy!



Link to high quality video (Hosted by FileFront).

Link to high quality video (Hosted by Tastyspleen).

Upcoming Sessions

Third Session: TDM with RandyPants, Friday, Dec 1  at 7:00pm Central / 8:00pm Eastern